Wrocław Music Therapy Models (vol. 2)



red. Paweł Cylulko, Joanna Gładyszewska-Cylulko

Wrocław 2016

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The second volume in the “Wrocław Music Therapy” series presents music therapy models developed in Wrocław. It includes articles by authors connected with the Department of Music Therapy at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław and the Main Board of the Polish Music Therapist Associations, who have a wealth of experience gained through academic research, therapy, training and organizational activities. We sincerely hope that the publication will significantly contribute to further academic advances in the music therapy field, while bolstering the music therapy profession and presenting the work of the Department of Music Therapy, which has been going on for almost forty-five years.


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  TABLE OF CONTENTS   Introduction  

Part I. Music Therapy for Children

  Daniela Colonna-Kasjan Introducing Elements of Music Therapy into the Early School Curriculum

Paweł Cylulko

A Paediatric Typhlo Music Therapy Model

Małgorzata Modelska Group Music Therapy for Children and Young Adults with Profound Multiple Disabilities. From a Music Therapists Journal Agnieszka Szymajda A Music Therapy Model Supporting the Emotional Development of Pre-Schoolers Anna Szymik The Deaf Child in Contact with Music – the Theory and Practice of Surdo Music Therapy  

Part 2. Music Therapy for Adults

  Helena Cesarz Music Therapy in Early Cardiac Rehabilitation Anna Jędryczka-Hamera The Role of Music in Choreotherapy – the Wrocław Model of Music-Structured Movement Therapy Klaudia Kukiełczyńska-Krawczyk Music Programming in Group Music Therapy for Neurotic Disorders in Clinical Practice Iwona Polak The Spontaneous Musical Theatre (STM) Technique in the Training of Music Therapists

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